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Working with Mary Skidmore - by Wäŋgarr Dhamarraṉdji

Working and training and learning with Mary Skidmore (AuSIL) at the Translation Centre, doing Powerpoint (PPT) with transitions and animations, Publisher, Booklets,

Teaching Nature and Character of God at the Church with Fiona with Bible study on ‘Praise’ and how I explain when all of creation sings praises to God the maker of heaven and earth. Psalm 148: 1-7

Family fellowship with Bib le study at bottom camp with Margaret and Mary on Nature of God. Where there is a space between the windows that’s when I put the plain white sheet up, for the Bible study.

Working with Mary was very interesting and very hard with families’ interruption during the work hours especially with my son ending up in the mental Hospital in Darwin. But it was a worthwhile when I put every effort into it making it active and alive. I just want to say ‘thank you’ to Mari Mary for the valuable and precious time.           Prayer points- Pray for my sons Terence and Hayden and my sister’s sons Joshua, Eugene, Ezra, Nathan my brother’s son Matthew and