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Audio Scriptures in 2010

by David Shield

Jenny and I were privileged to spend some years in Arnhem Land as volunteers with ARDS, an organisation focussing on community education.  ARDS runs a radio station broadcasting in Yolŋu languages, and among their programs were a few recorded Bible readings from the 1980s. This, and the fact that the translation of the New Testament into Djambarrpuyŋu was then approaching completion, encouraged me to make some more recordings, readings from the new translation. The first readings were by members of the translation team, but recently many others also have helped. After laborious editing on computer, the readings can be broadcast, made into CDs, or loaded onto MP3 players and even mobile 'phones. 

CDs containing recordings of chapters 3-9 of Luke's gospel and the letter to the Ephesians were available for distribution at the launching of the Djambarrpuyŋu New Testament in June 2008. Progress since then has been slow, but only about four chapters of Luke remain to be recorded. In May this year, Wäŋgarr organised a trip to Milingimbi, where Räkay (pictured) helped us with access to facilities at the school. Several enthusiastic new readers recorded passages from the early chapters of Acts. We plan to spend a second  week there during the mid-year school holidays. 

CSIS-EA appreciates the many long hours that David has put into the editing and production of these recordings, and the help of MAF that has made his travels, including the trip to Milingimbi possible. Thank you MAF!
Thank you David!