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A Gift from Elizabeth Djandilŋa Thorne... and a logo for CSIS East Arnhem Scripture in Use

2 fishes

By Margaret Miller, Scripture in Use Facilitator, CSIS_EA

This painting displays cross-hatching and outlining that is characteristic of North East Arnhem artwork.  ‘Little by little’ ... with a little boy’s lunch of 2 fish and 5 loaves, Jesus fed thousands of people. Likewise, as CSIS Scripture in Use workers of East Arnhem, we offer our gifts, little by little, entrusting our living God to multiply those efforts as we prepare the Scriptures in many and various ways.

We have a vision for healthy and robust Indigenous Scripture activity growing from Yolŋu initiatives and supported by the Church and its congregations in the East Arnhem area of the Northern Regional Council of Congress, and beyond.  It is a pleasure to feature the work of CSIS-EA Scripture in Use in this issue of CSIS CoordN8! Join us in praying that we would be faithful with the Yolŋu Scriptures, encouraging Yolŋu to engage with the translated words, and to feed on the good news of Jesus Christ 'little by little' and be satisfied!