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A visit from Casuarina Uniting Church

By Mally McLellan

In late June, a group from the Casuarina Uniting Church drove to Gapuwiyak, en route to an encouragement visit with our sister church at Galiwin’ku, Elcho Island. There were lots of highlights in that short time – a wonderful night of fellowship with the Gapuwiyak church; an al fresco dinner put on by the Fijians at Galiwin’ku (yummy!) followed by a great fellowship evening with the young people on the church lawns, where they action danced to Christian music.  Our youth were able to dance with and for them too. An interesting and informative time was the “show and tell” by the East Arnhem CSIS workers at the Translation Centre. With stations set up around the centre, we circulated, hearing the stories of both the Scripture Use workers, and the Bible translators. That helps us to understand what they do, and how to pray for them. 

It was great to watch the interaction between the churches. Because most of the visitors had never been to Elcho before, it was a highlight to watch them being welcomed and loved by the church there. It was a time of mutual encouragement. We were treated to the first hearing of a song in Djambarrpuyŋu composed  by some of the ladies from Dhäyiri homeland. The inspiration for it came when they read Revelation 5 in their own language.