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Maung Workshop in Warruwi

by Heather Hewett

Rosemary & Heather working together at the 2011 ‘OurWord’ Workshop.Rosemary, Sandra and Nancy lead busy lives with family and work programs. Translation is a voluntary labour of love and often hard to fit into daily life. Pray that the ladies will be able to find consistent time to give to the valuable work. At present they are working on the Gospel of Mark. Thank God that David Glasgow (AuSIL) is working on the Simplified English Version of Mark; what is available is helpful in the translation process for Maung. Pray that the translation will become available as needed.
Praise God for Heather Hewitt's month with the Maung translation team, translation advisor Mally McLellan, and NRCC Support Worker Lindsay Parkhill .  Pray for continued health, and safe travel back to Victoria.