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West Arnhem: One more Chapter

One more chapter...

West Arnhem

by Hannah Harper

During the dry season in Northern Australia, Heather Hewett returned for a month to work with the Maung translators, Rosemary Urabadi and Sandra Makurlngu.  The three ladies spent 2 weeks together on Goulburn Island, before travelling to Darwin for an intensive workshop in Humpty Doo.

Heather reports, “It was a wonderful time  in Darwin. Each day, we got up and got to work when we were ready. We started around 10, but we kept working into the evenings!  Such a lot of work got done, and because we’re getting near the end of the first draft, the ladies have been so enthusiastic.  Sandra called me today to say that she finished chapter 15!”  Rosemary, Sandra and Heather have been working on Mark’s Gospel in Maung for 5 years, also with support from the church on Goulburn Island, and the NRCC staff worker Lindsay Parkhill.  Their shared dream is to dedicate a published Gospel in June 2016, to coincide with the centenary of the first mission in Warruwi.

As overseer of the OurWord translation projects, Mally McLellan (AuSIL) is a constant source of help and encouragement. Mally also attended the week long workshop in Darwin. The translators were hosted by Dale and Judy Chesson from the local Living Water Uniting congregation, and Ray and Glenda Leach (AuSIL) catered for the translators.  “Girraween was enclosed in a beautiful garden, we had a lovely table where we could work unhindered, our lunches were provided, and a hot dinner every evening!”

“We travelled from Warruwi to Darwin in the AuSIL plane - that was very nice too. Usually when we take the mail plane, we fly via Croker Island, but this way we just went straight to Darwin. Randall Pearson, the pilot, had all the visuals in front of him, all of the places and specifics, and I was able to see it all while we were flying! I believe that plane will be having a very real impact on the ease of travel for workshops in the north.”

At the beginning of the workshop week in Darwin, Heather was admitted to hospital overnight for observations. Since returning to her home in Victoria, she has had a series of appointments and tests. Heather is asking God to guide her return to Warruwi and Darwin for more translation time.  “Unless there’s some very clear medical evidence that I shouldn’t, then I’m looking forward to going back in November. As far as I can see, the way is open.”

Sadly, Rosemary’s husband has passed away since the workshop. His funeral is delayed by other ceremonies happening in the area. Please pray for Rosemary in this very sad time, and for Sandra as she supports Rosemary and continues the draft.

Praise God for the partnership of AuSIL staff and volunteers.