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An Invitation from the Mowanjum People

 Mowanjum Uniting church
An  Invitation
To events in early May 2013 marking a century of relationship between the Mowanjum people and the Presbyterian/Uniting Churches. 

The Uniting Church Mowanjum congregation intends to mark this century of relationship since its formation through the missionary activities of the Presbyterian Church. The Mission formally began in October 1912 and continued with significant missions at Kunmunya and Wotjulum on the Kimberley Coast then at Old Mowanjum from the mid 1950s to late 1970s. The community became an incorporated body with its own Council in 1974. It was subsequently moved to a new site in 1980 by the government where it remains today.

This mission, the church that it nurtured, and the eventual community of Mowanjum is distinctive for many reasons.  The three language groups who formed this community, Worrorra, Wunambal and Ngarinyin have continued to relate to their lands and practice their unique culture leading to Native Title recognitions in 2004 and 2011 for substantial parts of the Kimberley. The relationship between the Mowanjum people and the Uniting and Presbyterian churches has been long and substantial. This long journey includes many stories to be celebrated as well as an awareness of loss and dislocation.

The Mowanjum Uniting Church invites you to a special occasion to mark this history.  It is hoped that many old and new friends will gather at Mowanjum to meet and worship together.  

Please pass this invitation on widely, along with the email and phone contact details below.

The event will include:

Welcome and meal on Friday 3 May at Mowanjum Uniting Church - an opportunity to rekindle old friendships or make new friends

Saturday 4 May: Films of the past (Lai Lai) with gathering at Old Mowanjum to recognise and remember the contribution and stories of those who have helped form this community.

Sunday 5 May: Ecumenical worship at Mowanjum and exhibition of memorabilia.

These gatherings will include the sharing of many stories relating to this on-going relationship between the people and the church.  Such stories include the loss of leaving land and cultural environs, life in new communities including that of new and old Mowanjum, the importance of culture and faith. Some of these may lead to a creative presentation in the wider community. (In exhibitions in other Synods)

Please contact Robert Hoskin (Rev Dr) on or 0478 549 165
or Steve Orme at the contacts above and on

if you want more information or want to register your interest in this important event.