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Translation workshops & God’s Word at work...

The Pitjantjatjara Old Testament Project is moving ahead with translation workshops running in school holiday breaks. As CoordN8 #8 goes to print, Aṉangu Christians are sharing training anddedicated translation time with Paul Eckert, in Amata and Pukatja (2-6 July). At a recent CSIS Reference Committee meeting, Peter Greenwood and Yanyi Bandiche (NRCC) presented a moving account of the project launch at Easter in Mimili. The logo (above) was designed by translators, who wanted to connect the past and future work by carrying the central graphic from the 2002 Shorter Bible. Aṉangu translators are continuing work in the Old Testament books of Psalms, Joshua, Numbers and Song of Songs.  

Amata Translation Workshop I, 2011 L-R: Deborah, David and Alicia, JenniferDavid and Alicia Barnett, school staff based in Pukatja, are also coming alongside this project. "From very early on, we have wanted to put our ‘roots’ down here, and live in Ernabella for an extended length of time. This  has stemmed from a great desire to see God’s Word at work in the hearts and lives of the local people; that we might be a mutual encouragement to one another. In January and February this year we completed the ‘Equip Training’ at Wycliffe’s summer school in Melbourne, as part of the process of becoming members of Wycliffe. It was an intense time, but God certainly increased in us a sense of wonder at His gift of language.” Godwilling, Dave and Alicia will undertake further studies in theology  and translation principles in coming years. “It’s so good that people from far and wide are able to read about what’s happening and keep the project and people here in their prayers... We’re excited about the power of God to transform individual lives and entire communities through His Word, as ‘ comes by hearing, and hearing by the word of Christ.’ (Romans 10:17)."