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Yolŋu Audio on Saber

By Margaret Miller

Music is a wonderful vehicle to carry a message, and equally so in Scripture in Use work with our Yol!u Scriptures audio productions.  Yol!u Christian music abounds, old and new, and is a wonderful means of promoting the use of God’s word. 

This year Margaret and Wä!garr have been beavering away at making available old favourite cassettes as CDs.  We now hold over a dozen ‘Christian Scripture Programs with music’ in CD format, that are shaping up with their CD labels and covers.     

Margaret is digitising another dozen ‘old and well-loved’ Yol!u Christian music cassette programs that have been produced in earlier times, whilst Wä!garr is capturing new music digitally around the community and at fellowship evenings. 

As we grow our range of music digitally, there will also be much t o explore i n promoting God’s Word with those recordings through CDs, mp3’s, mobile phones or whatever... Here is Yurranydjil holding a Saber, a robust mp3 player suitable to go anywhere, especially to remote places without 24/7  electricity , such as ‘homelands’ and the outdoors.  Some of these Sabers have been provided by the Bible Society.  Sabers are now available for purchase, fully programmed, through CSIS-EA. This is a great development in Scripture use.