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Scripture in Use Update

Louise Macdonald: Since our last newsletter we have changed our minds about how to get everyone interested in Scripture in Use work to network and exchange ideas. We thought a lot about how we should best communicate with each other and how to do that cost effectively. We decided that perhaps a meeting in Darwin is often not the most attractive way for Yolngu, Bininj, Arrarrkpi, or Anangu people to get together and exchange ideas about how to use scripture in ways that speak to their communities, their cultures and in their languages. So instead of everyone coming to Darwin and holding a Balanda (non indigenous) style meeting we decided to send me on a tour of the different regions to find out what different communities are doing and what they want. My first stop was to spend 3 days with the Scripture in use workers at Galiwin’ku on Elcho Island in East Arnhem land. Their skills and commitment are certainly impressive as well as their determination to reach out to Wäŋgarr Dhamarraṉdji leaders -storytelling. New Scripture recordings with David Shield - Acts ch 12-16 ...but not quite complete. What struck me was their willingness to skill share, which is the story that I could take to Pukatja (Ernabella) in northern South Australia, on my recent visit to the Pitjatjantjara translation team. At the moment all of their momentum is directed towards their imminent trip to Israel, but even with this major distraction they are very keen to connect with the Scripture in Use workers from Galiwin’ku and exchange their recently found skills in cartoon and comic making. Their model of working is different to the top end as they have integrated their translation work with their scripture in use work. As I live in Jabiru in West Arnhemland I have close connections with their work, they are busily transforming their recently completed Gospel of Mark into audio and print (see pg 8). In September I am planning to visit Mawanjum in West Kibmberly and hear how Coordinate can support their visions for Scripture in Use.